80’s Workout Music Video Casting Call

Director: Kwasi Akuffo
Producer: The Greats Inc.
Casting Date: June 15th-17th 2016 (June 15th – 18th Via Skype)
Shoot Date: (To Be Decided) 1 1/2 days June 22nd – 25th, 2016
Rate: $150 (All In)
Directors Past Work: http://smarturl.it/youreflyvid

Outline of the video: It’s a remake of a 80’s Richard Simmons video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rwAwuhvhLPU)
Royal Simmons wants to make the best workout video but his assistant has put together the most dysfunctional cast of models to do so with. As the video progresses we see the downfall of the workout video and the downfall of Royal Simmons.

Casting for the following roles: (Please specify which role you are applying for)

Age: 18 — 25. Attractive,  Any ethnicity.
Im Soo High: She is a pretty girl who is addicted to weed, she moves really slow, and is always messing things up

Age: 18 — 25. Attractive,  Any ethnicity.
I’m Too Good To Be Here: She feels that she is better than everyone all the time. She is rude and indifferent about everything.

Age: 18 — 25. Attractive,  Any ethnicity.
I’m A Show Off: She is always looking for her big break, so she works so hard but overworks herself which makes her look like a showoff

Age: 18 — 25. Attractive,  Any ethnicity.
I’m A Escort: She is only here or there because of a payoff. She is super sexual and promiscuous.


Please email info@greatsthe.com for more info